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Impactful Staff


Types of Employment


At CCD, we believe that by working together we become stronger—through teamwork we can achieve our common vision and goals.

CCD has several categories of employment. Additional information regarding employment categories can be found in BP 3-10.

You may apply for all positions listed below except classified on this site.

  • Adjunct Instructors
  • Administrative, Technical & Professional Staff
  • Classified Staff
  • Concurrent Enrollment Instructors
  • Faculty 

Benefits differ between the types of employment. Learn more about our benefits.

Adjunct Instructors

Adjunct instructor positions are available based on department needs per semester.  Instructors are hired to teach on a temporary, as needed basis.

Administrative, Professional & Technical Staff

Administrators, professional and technical staff are those employees whose duties are comprised of more than 50% administrative, supervisory, professional and/or technical duties performed by positions that have been exempted from the State Personnel System.

Classified Staff

Classified positions will be advertised on this site, but applicants must visit the State of Colorado Government Jobs site to apply for available CCD classified positions.

State classified employees are part of the Classified State Personnel System. Visit the Colorado Department of Human Resources for more information.

Concurrent Enrollment Instructors

Through Concurrent Enrollment, high school students take CCD-transcripted college classes while in high school. This can take place at the CCD Auraria campus as well as at high school campuses during the regular school day. High school teachers can apply to become CCD concurrent enrollment instructors when they meet the same hiring qualifications as adjunct instructors at CCD and teach the courses using the same book, syllabus and standards as courses at CCD.

To offer concurrent enrollment classes, your high school needs to have a signed Cooperative Agreement with CCD; please check with your high school or CCD College Pathways for more information before submitting your application.

If you are interested in applying for concurrent enrollment and believe that your school meets the qualifications listed above, please apply online.


A full-course load varies depending on discipline, with alternative assignments for administrative and related duties possible. Contracts vary with some positions, but contracts are typically nine (9) months with the annual salary being paid over twelve (12) months. Announcements should be reviewed regarding course load, contracts, and salary payments.