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It was with excitement and delight that I assumed the presidency of Community College of Denver (CCD) on November 1, 2013.


Why did I choose CCD?

Why not? CCD is a wonderful place—a jewel in the crown of the Colorado Community College System, this College has the potential to become the best community college in the state and we are working to make that happen. On my very first day at CCD, I met with a group of students. That day, I saw their passion, commitment, and the calm confidence that said they were in the right place—at the right higher educational institution—and they were right! I know it. They know it. The entire CCD community knows it. CCD is on the move and I know I am in the right place too.

My Committment to You

My task as CCD president is to be your unfailing advocate and leader. Advocacy requires a vision—a shared vision—that we will develop together and include in the strategic plan for the College. Advocacy demands head and heart work together in creating opportunities for students to leave CCD and go immediately to work on a new job, back to work in a new role, or forward to complete a baccalaureate degree. I commit to always advocate for CCD students, faculty, and staff to have the resources to prepare for the larger work of the world—not just in the distant future—but now.

Leadership requires the capacity of the leader to listen, learn, act, and reflect. Gandhi, the great apostle for non-violence, understood leadership best when he observed, “Where are my people, for I must follow them as their leader?” I work to become and remain an informed leader—a knowing leader.

Just call me “Everette” rather than “Dr. Freeman.” Titles matter greatly to me, but so does removing any barrier that keeps us from getting to know one another. I’d like every student or staff memeber to come by and sit in the president’s chair. It’s a comfortable chair and you may leave convinced that you too can become CCD’s president one day. At CCD, I want all of us to work precisely and with purpose in making sure that students who start at CCD leave with a degree in hand. Education requires too much in time and money to leave the job undone. All of us must help each other over the educational finish line.

I’m honored to serve the CCD community as president.

 Everette J. Freeman

 Dr. Everette J. Freeman

President | Office of the President